Location & Aspect Cards

Location / Battlesite Cards

Location cards serve 2 functions.  Each provide a list of characters (usually 6) that can be used to build a team, regardless of the deck sum total rule. Each of these cards also contains an inherent ability that affects how the game is played. Some inherent abilities are beneficial, while others are not (due to using characters with high stat totals).

Location cards also serve as battlesites. When using a battlesite, your deck will include character cards listed on the location card. These are called activator cards, and the battlesite itself will store specials those characters can play. During play, a character card played as an activator is exchanged for one of that character’s specials in the battlesite, which is then used like an ‘any hero’ special.

Below are pictures of a few location cards. There are 45 total locations cards in the game.


1 2 3

4 5 6


Aspect Cards

Aspect cards are used with each specific Location. Not every location card has its own aspect, as there are only 23 aspects cards in the game, compared to 45 location cards.  Each Aspect card has an explanation of what it does printed on the card itself. These cards are a great addition to their locations, since each card offers a benefit such as an attack or other beneficial game effect. Aspect cards may only be played when the Location card listed on the Aspect card is being used as the players Home Base.

Below are pictures of a few aspect cards.

a b c

d e f