Mission Cards

Mission cards are slightly larger than standard cards, and have squared off corners, instead of rounded corners. Image released only 1 set of mission cards, and is an exception to this. They have rounded corners, and are the same size as traditional cards.  There are 19 sets of mission cards (133 total).

A set of 7 mission cards are required for each deck. Mission cards are used to venture each round. A player can venture 1, 2, or any number of missions for the current battle. If you choose to venture more than 2 mission cards per battle, you will incur a penalty. If you are successful in winning the battle, your ventured mission cards are moved to the completed pile. Consequently, if you lose the battle, your venture cards are moved to the lost pile. When all 7 mission cards are moved to the completed pile, you win the game.

Below are a few pics of various mission cards (Marvel, Image, and JLA).


57 58 59 60

61 62 63

106 112 111 110

109 108 107

120 121 122 123

124 125 126