Sell your cards

Perhaps the most often asked question I receive is whether I buy cards or not.

Absolutely!  I buy singles and entire collections on a regular basis. 

I do not have a set price list for cards, as price depends on many factors such as (condition, what is included, quantity cards on my want list …)

As for singles, I generally prefer to only purchase cards on my want list, which can be found here: Wants

As for collections, I prefer cards from the later expansions (IQ, Classic, X-Men, & Image), but am willing to buy all cards.

If you would like to sell me your collection, please send me a quick email and let me know what you have.

For those who do not know what they have, please send me several pictures so I can get an idea of what you have, and we can work out a fair price for both parties.

You can contact me by clicking below:

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