Special Cards



Special cards are unique to each character in the game, and can only be played by that character (unless otherwise stated)

The majority of Marvel characters have at least 8 different special cards.

DC and JLA characters have 5-6 different specials.

Image characters have 6 different specials.

Specials can act as attacks, defense, or affect various aspects of the game.

Any Hero & Any Character special cards were also created and are usable by any player.

Decks may be constructed with as many of each regular special for each character.

Nearly every character in the game has at least 1 special card labeled as a “One Per Deck”  These are generally powerful cards, and you are limited to only 1 of each card in your deck.


Below are some pictures representing various specials in the game.



348 382 501 1314



401 1128 1513 440



95 327 1281 1448